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Model Rail Road Automation
...imagine the possibilities!             RailRoadRunnerTM© Software                   ...enjoy the ride!
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The Good Old Days!
An automated control system adds excitement
to every railroad project.  Itís so easy to become creative and innovative with our RailRoadRunnerTM© software. 
With just a few clicks you can schedule many exciting events turning you into a "Master Train Engineer".
Just watch this exciting video.  


     *   Automation for DCC wired railroad
     *   Run trains manually or automatic
     *   Run several trains concurrently
     *   Run trains independently
     *   Automated meets and passes
     *   Turnouts automatically aligned
     *   Computer and onboard sounds
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  Provides creative control and independent 
*   Exciting to watch the interaction as each train
     completes their scheduled missions and triggers
     appropriate sounds along the way
  Easily schedule operations on unused tracks
*   Run trains to and from staging tracks
*   Incorporate simultaneous Trolley Operations
*   Visual indications allow you to align all turnouts   
     in just seconds
*   Just imagine the excitement of crossing bells,
     trackside carnivals and babbling brooks all
     choreographed by you
*   Utilizing the "Master Display" enables you to
     accurately verify the presence or absence
     of trains  




Model Railroad Automation software developed by ex-IBM
software engineers and model railroad enthusiasts.